Modular Drawers in Shelving |  48'' x 18'' x 48''

Product description

Includes: 1x 48'' mounting bracket

Metalia's modular drawers in shelving will save up to 70% of space in your part storage area. Adaptable to new or existing shelving from almost any manufacturer, Metalia's drawers for shelves offer industry leading 440 lb capacity per drawer, Swiss-made sliding system on Delrin with Safety Lock for maintenance free, reliable and quiet performance, Full Height Drawer sidewalls preventing content from mixing and maximizing available space, 14 gauge drawer face with rolled-edge for extreme rigidity, available LED drawer lighting for added productivity, patented aluminum drawer handle, 100% opening, partitions and dividers, unique powder coating. Every Metalia product is backed by a complete Lifetime Warranty.

  • 440 lb capacity per drawer
  • Swiss-made sliding system on Delrin® with safety lock
  • Full height drawer sidewalls
  • Rolled edges drawer face
  • LED drawer lighting*
  • Partitions and dividers
  • 100% opening
  • Ergonomic drawer handle with patented design
  • Unique powder coating
  • Metalia® Lifetime Warranty

*Available as an option


Shelving not included.

Image is for illustrative purposes only. Final appearance of the product may vary depending on color and accessories chosen


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