The Best Workbenches

for Industrial and Automotive



Increase productivity and organization with Metalia’s modular workstations.

How organized is your workshop?

Metalia’s modular workstations can improve it:

Free-standing design. Preconfigured or modular solutions.

440 lb capacity per drawer

Heavy-duty, double walled storage unit doors with adjustable shelves

LED lighting for both work surface and drawers

Listen to what are our customers are saying:

“I recently decided to enhance my Technical Shop in my Service Department here at Moncton Honda. My goal was to create a very integrated and consistent visual image for the toolboxes and benches in my shop, as well as build employee satisfaction and increase productivity and efficiency. So few suppliers now days seem to be able to deliver on the promises they make, especially when they claim to be able to deliver more for less. Metalia delivered just that and for that reason I have no reservations with recommending their services and products to anyone who might be considering this type of Dealership Service Shop enhancement.”

— John Brushett, Dealer Principal, Moncton Honda

“Our Metalia workstations offer efficient and durable storage space for the tools and unique material of my team of technicians. It Insure a high-level and professional look to the body shop. The management recently decided to demonstrate a high level of transparency by installing windows all across the shop. Thus, storage is even more important.”

— Frank Benson, Body Shop Manager, South-Shore Mercedes-Benz


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