The key of success for a better efficiency

The Metalia modular cabinets from MS Series will know how to fulfill your expectations regarding storage and performance to limit wasted time looking for parts and even in the storage space. In fact, a better organization with our modular cabinets will lead to an augmentation of the efficiency in your parts department. It is essential to be well organized but it’s even more important to keep your drawers organized. That is the reason why Metalia modular cabinets offer an infinite number of configurations with partitions and dividers depending on different parts size and a 440 lb capacity per drawer.

There are several sizes of cabinets depending on the storage you need which are ranging from 30’ to 60’ width. Furthermore, our modular cabinets have a lifetime warranty, a digital locking system for a better control and a LED drawer lighting to find what you are looking for faster without relying on surrounding lighting.


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